About Us

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Group


Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Group was founded in 2001. One of our senior partners, Belind Watlington, decided to start her own law firm after 10 years of gaining experience in the field of family law.
The Idea

The idea was to implement all the experience she gained throughout those 10 years into this law office to make it stand out and be the very best. In order to be one of the best law offices, the experience she had was not enough. She had to gather a team of highly educated and experienced lawyers in various fields to make the best team of attorneys. Finding the most suitable attorneys that are willing to work under her supervision was the hardest part. Nowadays Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Group consist of only the best attorneys that are experts in their field.

Best Possible Results

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Group is distinguished by professional team that is accustomed to working together to achieve the best possible results. Making clients happy and satisfied are the two things that this law office focus the most because, in order to have a high reputation, clients have to be satisfied with the end result. Each of our attorneys are devoted to their job and they are putting a huge amount of effort and time into every case.