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The Difference Between Commercial and Corporate Law

19/06/2018 Off

Corporate and commercial law are two similar, but separate, areas of the law which are often confused for each other. The two practice areas are closely linked, but typically corporate law focuses on the lifecycle of a company and the various processes it will go through over the course of its life. Whereas commercial law has a wider scope which includes franchising, intellectual property and can also include litigation.

The two different types of law are linked by the simple fact that both deal with issues that arise as a result of contract law.

Commercial Law

Buying and selling are at the heart of commercial law. But, the things you sell in relation to this can be as widespread as goods such as electronics and expand all the way to intellectual property (ideas, writing, etc.). Typically, commercial law is the pursuit of payment for the goods delivered as well as ensuring that the buyer gets the goods that they specifically paid for.

On the whole, commercial law will deal with issues that arise between a company and a third party due to issues with license agreements, reseller issues, or even terms and conditions breaches. The importance of commercial law comes …

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