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Employees are the heart and soul of any great business. As the employers are benefiting from all the hard work and dedication that you put in, it implies that you deserve to be treated fairly. The reason why legal protection against abuse at workplace exists is that the law recognizes the imbalance in power within the relationship between the employee and the employer. Mississauga employment lawyers – De Bousquet PC will help you to implement the protections that have been provided to you by the law. If you are facing any sort of injustice at work, our lawyers will be your relentless advocates.

Why De Bousquet PC?

We stand by you through your struggle because we genuinely care about you. Our genuine concern and interests in the struggle faced by the employees are the reason why employees in Mississauga prefer our firm. We are determined to not only help you fight for what is right but also to win that fight. Over the years we have worked with countless clients. We have heard their stories and seen how it affects them and their families.

With personal experience of facing injustice at the hands of the employers, our team of lawyers is motivated to defend your right and fight for fair treatment. We understand your struggles and believe in delivering the very past. Our approach is not that of wait-and-see. We at De Bousquet PC, aim to produce tangible results with our out of the box approach and calculated legal strategies. We work together with you to right the wrongs that you have faced from your employer.

What is the range of workplace issues taken up by De Bousquet PC?

We at De Bousquet PC, have a proven track record for resolving employment law disputes. After analyzing your case we share our candid opinions of possible outcomes with you and also share the facts that would help you make an informed decision about how to proceed. We deal with the following workplace issues:

  1. Discrimination and human rights abuse
  2. Sexual Harassment
  3. Wrongful termination
  4. Problems pertaining to obtaining fair severance or pay in lieu of notice
  5. Retaliation and reprisals
  6. Disputes involving benefits, overtime and wages
  7. Workers’ compensation
  8. Long-term disability claim
  9. Claims involving employment insurance.

How to get your case evaluated?

If you are facing any of the above mentioned unfair treatment at work, our lawyers at De Bousquet PC would listen to your story and help you fight for your right. They would assess your chances and provide you with the options available so you can make an informed decision.