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In matters of criminal cases, things tend to get complicated as it can get technical. David Genis – Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto  is one of the most sought after and well-known defence criminal lawyer. He has represented clients with complicated and technical matters such as drinking and driving and a drug offence. He also represents clients who have less complicated yet serious charges against them such as domestic assault, sexual harassment, theft, child porn charges and customs and immigration prosecutions and appeals.

Why choose us?

Being the most sought after defence criminal lawyer, David Genis has in his years of experience successfully defended his clients and gotten his clients with criminal charges acquitted. While fighting your case he will present an assertive defence. Having an assertive defence effectively works in your favour as it has a substantial impact on your situation. This way you can avoid jail time. It can also help you to avoid loss of family, driver’s license, job, immigration status and the ability to travel to the United States.

As every case is unique in its own way, each requires expert detailed knowledge that can effectively counter the charges against you. No criminal case is clear cut, even if it seems so on the surface. With a comprehensive understanding of the case law including local precedents. With his Solid track record of defence against criminal charges, David Genis is familiar with the particular courthouses and its crowns.

Would I get personalized attention?

Having a criminal charge against you can be overwhelming and affect your family. If you are facing criminal charges which include DUI, sexual assault, theft, drug possession, etc., you could be facing serious consequences and may carry a hefty penalty. Such situations need to be approached tactfully. Hence, serious considerations are to given to the type of defence that you would be needing in the case against you. David Genis works with you and makes sure that you get personalized attention. He discusses the options with you to give you the best chance of being acquitted.