Reasons why you should hire an employment lawyer

18/07/2019 Off By Eden

Employment lawyers are the legal experts who can advise you legally about the laws that stand in benefit for both employees and employer. They can advise you in case of any sort of confrontation and conflict. Employment lawyer in Etobicoke & Mississauga work with employees for their rights and are experts in giving the best of employment suggestions. Here are the top reasons why should hire an employment lawyer:

  1. Evaluating the job offer: An employment lawyer is an expert in evaluating the job offer and the employment contract and advises you to get the best possible deal. Usually, employment contracts are written in the interest of the organization only, without considering the interest of the employees. An employment lawyer advises you so that you can negotiate on your offer. He will also review the terms and conditions mentioned in the offer letter which will prove to be beneficial for you in the future.
  2. Discrimination and mental harassment: Though the laws have been formulated to prevent discrimination and harassment at the workplace, still these two bullies exist at the workplace. Needless to mention here, victim employees find themselves helpless in such situations. Unfortunately, if you are being the case of either of these two situations, you can seek the advice of an employment lawyer and take guidance to handle this kind of situation.
  3. Sexual harassment: Sexual harassment is a criminal offense. Though many companies have formulated policies and special cell to take care of the sexual harassment case, it is always advisable to visit an employment lawyer and ask what best can be done in the sexual harassment case.
  4. Termination or forceful resignation: In case you have lost your job, it is quite hurting and can leave you in dilemma. You are also worried about your future source of income. An employment lawyer can review your case nicely. Whether it is termination or forceful resignation, the employment lawyer will look for the signs of wrongful dismissal and advise you for the appropriate severance package in such conditions. He will also frame appropriate words for you to speak during your future interviews.
  5. Workplace conflicts: Workplace conflicts are extremely common and ultimately the employee is at the loss in such circumstances. This also affects your productivity and diminishes your talent. Hiring an employment lawyer in such cases help you to resolve the issue. He will guide you on how to act in such situations.

6.    Negotiating on exit package: Nowadays, many employees want to retire from job much before the traditional retirement age. But this means, losing out many benefits. Your employer also gets open to sweeter retirement deal. Discussing your case with an employment lawyer in Etobicoke & Mississauga will help you to review your exit package deal and advise in case if you are willing to switch your career.