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LitigationLitigationlit‧i‧ga‧tion /ˌlɪtəˈɡeɪʃən/ noun uncountable lawSCL the process of taking claims to a courtroom of regulation The threat of litigation generally is a deciding factor in some business choices. 1560s, “disputation,” from Late Latin litigationem (nominative litigatio), noun of action from past participle stem of Latin litigare “to dispute, quarrel, try,” from phrase litem agere, from litem (nominative lis) “lawsuit, dispute, quarrel, strife” + agere “to drive, conduct” (see act ). Meaning “act of carrying on a lawsuit” is from 1640s.

In litigation course of , a case (known as swimsuit or lawsuit) is brought earlier than a court docket of law suitably empowered (having the jurisdiction) to listen to the case, by the events involved (the litigants) for resolution (the judgment). In addition to the courts and arbitration, many matters are determined, in at the least the first occasion, by an administrative agency.

A bunch of things affect whether and when a case settles, from financial (i.e. legal fees, amount in controversy, solvency of the parties) to substantive (chance of success) to operational (public relations, business transactions, change in administration) to emotional (i.e., the people concerned need to move on with life or enterprise).

There are numerous types of disputes that a court docket of regulation will not handle until and until administrative cures are exhausted. Although actual procedures range by court docket and by state, most trials observe an identical pattern. A very powerful issue when discovering a litigation lawyer is trust.

On the larger circumstances, you have to sit back and work out where you want to be – or do not wish to be – in six or eight weeks’ time and then work backwards from there to assess what the workforce must be doing today (or should have been doing yesterday).