Top 5 tips for choosing the right family and divorce lawyer

18/07/2019 Off By Eden

Many of us may not have prior experience of the legal procedures of divorce. Most of the couples who decide to end up their marriage go through a lot of stress while going through the divorce procedure. While divorce usually turns out to be an emotional and financial nightmare for many, this can be a smooth process, if you know how to hire a right Family & Divorce Lawyers in the Oakville area. Follow these tips to find a divorce lawyer that fits best for you:

  1. Always remain to the point: The whole purpose of filing a divorce is to solve your assets and your child’s custody issue with your partner. Most of the attorneys charge on an hourly basis from their clients. It is, therefore, always realistic to talk to the point with your attorney, otherwise, you may end up wasting your money spending time and money on attorneys.
  2. Remain focused on your goal: Stay focused on the ultimate objective of taking the divorce as quickly as possible. Don’t waste much of time in negotiating in petty things that don’t mean much in the long run. This will simply fasten your procedure of getting the divorce. If you negotiate on petty things, then this will make the procedure lengthy and you may end up wasting a lot of money.
  3. Check whether you really need a divorce lawyer: If you and your spouse are mutually agreed on issues like children custody, support, and property matter, then hiring a neutral mediator will be better. Meditation is fast, cheap, hassle-free and without any sort of mental stress. In this case, you may not need to hire a divorce lawyer at all. Another option is a collaborative divorce which is focused on negotiation with a co-parenting relationship. Only when both the partners are not ready to compromise, then you should go for hiring a divorce lawyer which suits your specific needs.
  4. Do proper research before hiring a potential attorney:

Start interviewing the lawyers over the phone and ask about their experience, area of specialization and fees before hiring a lawyer. Don’t waste your time in overly priced lawyers. Check out the previous track record of the attorney before hiring.

  1. Hire the specialized lawyer that suits your needs:

Don’t rush to hire the first attorney you met. All attorneys are not the same. You should hire a lawyer who is specialized in family law and can go for the type of divorce you want. A good lawyer should understand the process, communicates well and has good negotiating power.  Take reviews and recommendations before you hire a right Family & Divorce Lawyers in the Oakville area.