Vega Ortiz Abogados : A Reliable And Tough Lawyer

18/11/2019 Off By Eden

Life is not always running smoothly. Occasionally encounter legal problems, stumble, then deal with judicial authorities at all levels. When this happens, the real friend is the lawyer, family, and friends who care. How do you get a good lawyer, not a mafia lawyer who is a scammer and a bribe? Vega Ortiz Abogados as known as Abogado Castelldefels will help you on this case.

If (prospective) nefarious native clients and bribes get ingrained, the right lawyer is a burglar lawyer too. Lawyers with anti-mafia legal integrity will not be compatible with this client model. Some strict lawyers will dismiss their clients if they are caught bribing law enforcement officials. Therefore, make sure what type you and the lawyer are.

Conversely, if we are people who prioritize honesty and are concerned with the fate of the state, automatic anti-bribery and anti-bribe, then the choice of anti-bribery lawyers and anti-bribery is a necessity. The mafia lawyer is not to defend the case, but rather it is appropriate to occupy the prison or report it to the police.

There is a distinctive characteristic of mafia lawyers regarding verbal communication with (prospective) clients. Among other things, like to charge clients for the fees they say to the police for a few dollars, for prosecutors some dollars, for judges as many as dollars, and for themselves so many dollars. Beware if you meet this type of lawyer. Because paying the police, prosecutors and judges are the same as bribery. Criminal court, it’s free. Civil liability only pays, and even then must be official and have a receipt.

Therefore, it is essential to recognize the type of lawyer. Aside from verbal language and body language — this is the first time you have met — looking for recommendations from friends or family who know the lawyer well is worth considering. Friends or family tend to recommend a reasonable and appropriate lawyer skillfully for the case being faced by his family/friends. And lawyers will tend to be reluctant and restraint if there is a good recommendation, especially if this suggestion is a friend of the lawyer too.

Lawyers for the mafia instead of going to take care of the case well have the potential to create new things. One example should eventually increase in number, so other things: bribery, bribes, gratuities, etc.

Dogs tend to gather with fellow small dogs. You can say, mafia lawyers tend to be friends with the fellow mafia. Somehow, good lawyers also tend to be friends with fellow lawyers or proper law enforcement officers. From here it can also be a source to recognize the moral quality of a lawyer.

A good lawyer never hesitates to sign a contract with his client so that their rights and obligations are clear. While other lawyers don’t want to do the same, this is fine. However, in different situations, some lawyers use the absence of a contract to be able to ask for money at any time, whatever and for whatever reason, they are looking for. The term, the client continues to be highlighted without certainty and clear boundaries.

After resolving the attorney’s personal integrity, the next step is to ensure that the expert lawyer in the field of matter will be handled. The law is so complicated from day to day new regulations, and new theories that are dynamic with the field situation are born. Lawyers who are experts will know and explore to the level of the philosophy of a legal field under their control.

The rest, both parties (clients and lawyers) must each know and be aware of their respective assignments. The client establishes evidence and financing some case. Some lawyers endeavor to take care of cases or accompany suspects (in criminal cases). Do not pretend that a lawyer can indeed release a suspect/defendant because the one who will acquit the defendant is a judge, so it is not the duty of the lawyer. The attorney’s job is to try.

Because of that, a good lawyer will never want to promise certainty to his clients. Not only because such promises violate professional ethics, but also because the one who decides a case is the lot of the judge. However, the role of lawyers is very vital to putting the law from the perspective of its clients.

The analogy is similar to a doctor. Doctors try to treat their patients, but what determines healing is God. Same with a lawyer. The lawyer seeks to take care of the case or accompany his client, who decides the win or lose is the judge. The judge is God’s representative on earth. If the judge has decided on a case and the decision has permanent legal force, then all debates must end, and disappointment must be nullified. This is the relative justice that has been decided by the judge.