Why Aric Cramer Prepares Every Defense for Trial

15/03/2019 Off By Eden

The truth is that many cases of all types are settled out of court. Between plea bargaining, mediation, arbitration, cases being dismissed, conflicts being settled, and charges being reduced, only a small number of serious cases are presented before a judge and jury. Lawyers can handle hundreds of cases and rarely see the inside of a court room. This is positive in terms of the time and money those actions save taxpayers and defendants. Settling cases fast and privately makes the situations easier for all involved.

Not Always Positive

It is not a positive aspect when a case goes to court with a lawyer who has limited experience in front of a judge. The difference can make or break the case for the defendant. Cases that are most likely to be settled require a defense that does not have to be as aggressive as cases that do go to court. The risk is predicting which cases will go to court.

Count on Aggressive Defenses

Law offices that take cases that rarely end up in court may lack the experience to represent clients in court. The law office of Aric Cramer does not shy away from high-profile and controversial cases that are likely to go to trial. That is why every defense is prepared with the aggressiveness and assertiveness needed to withstand a court of law.

Criminal defense, federal crimes, all types of fraud, violent crimes, sex crimes, and drug cases are among the areas of practice for the experienced law office. In serious cases such as these, it is imperative to call an experienced lawyer right away. If a person suspects an arrest will be made or charges filed, call the lawyer ahead of an arrest. Time is crucial to be able to gather facts, investigate the circumstances, and build a strong defense.

Expert Witnesses

Arranging to have expert witnesses review the case, meet with the defendant if appropriate, and provide testimony also takes time. The more time available, the more contingencies can be considered and prepared for before the opening arguments begin. Do not hesitate to call a lawyer because the problem will not simply go away on its own.