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I Just Got Home from the Beach

15/11/2019 Off

I spent this weekend down with my girlfriend’s parents beach house. They have an enormous place in a really nice community called Emerald Isle in North Carolina. At any rate her family is rather interesting to say the least. I realized that everyone was terrified that the father was going to blow all of their money. He was playing with something called a bahis siteleri, how he knew that much Turkish I have no idea at the time. Later on I learned that he had been in the Air Force and he had been stationed at the base that we have over there. At any rate he was apparently really interested in soccer, or at least he was really interesting in betting on it. He spent about an hour explaining his system to me, but it was rather overly complicated. At any rate I got the feeling that he was really too cautious at it to be much of a threat to the family fortune.

Of course really degenerate gamblers are incapable of controlling the impulse to risk pretty much everything.…

By lenupvish