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Canada is the perfect place to start afresh. The warmth of the people, great opportunities, good education system are just some of the reasons what makes Canada a perfect choice for the immigrants. Sponsoring someone to Canada is a complex process. It involves special attention to make sure that the legal matters it entails are handled with great care. Sponsorship Immigration lawyer in Toronto, will ease away your worries and improve your chances of a successful sponsorship application.

Canada welcomes almost 250,000 immigrants each other. Though to be one of those people can be quite a challenge. In order to become a sponsor, there are certain criterions that need to be fulfilled by both the sponsor and the sponsee. The procedure can be long and tiresome. Our team of specialized sponsorship lawyers will assist you through the process.

Why us?

We are a fully licensed and insured Canadian law firm whose main focus is on sponsorship applications. Our clients are from all over the world. Most of our cases are complex and sophisticated to handle. Over the years we are proud to have represented many clients in their sponsorship cases who have successfully started their new lives here in Canada. We aim to deliver unparalleled representation at a reasonable fee. The cases are handled with tact and care.

What are the different types of sponsorships?

We guide you through the process and give legal advice on three different types of sponsorships.

  1. Child Sponsorship:  As the name suggests, child sponsorship means sponsoring an immigrant child who is below 22 years of age. In order to be a sponsor, you should be a resident of Canada. If you are considering sponsoring an immigrant child or children, there is a comprehensive set of regulations and criterions that need to be fulfilled in case of each child.
  2. Spousal Sponsorship: If you are married and planning to apply for spousal sponsorship, then it is crucial that you have a document stating that you have been married. This document could be from Canada or any other country. Spousal sponsorship also holds for common-law partners. If you and your partner have been living together for over a year, you are eligible to apply for this type of sponsorship. It holds for both same-sex and opposite-sex marriages. In the case of common law partners, financial records, bills, real estate documents, joint accounts and so on, can be used as proofs.
  3. Parental Sponsorship: Family is everything. Canadian immigration understands that. If you are a Canadian citizen who is planning to sponsor their parents, then there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. Most importantly you should be at least 18 years of age and be financially stable in order to support your parents.

Sponsoring can be a daunting process. But we walk with you through the process, trying to make it easier and smoother.