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Employees are the heart and soul of any corporation. It is their hard work and dedication from which the whole business benefits. As there is a fair exchange, it means that you deserve to be treated justly. There is no denying the fact that there is an imbalance in power within the employee and employer relationship. This has been understood by the law, hence, it grants you protection against abuses that exist within this relationship. Employment lawyers in Toronto gta, fight for you to enforce these protections and hold the employers responsible for their actions which makes us your fiercest advocates.

When to visit an employment lawyer?

Sometimes discrimination can be subtle or constant. Employment laws are not only fighting for discrimination on the basis of sex, caste or religion but also of unjust treatment and lack of equal pay. If you feel that you have been treated unjustly or any of the following issues apply to you, then it is time to seek legal counsel and see what can be done to bring you justice. If you are facing any of the following issues, we are here to help you.

  1.    Discrimination and human rights abuses
  2.    Sexual harassment
  3.    Wrongful termination
  4.    Difficulty obtaining fair severance or pay in lieu of notice
  5.    Retaliation and reprisals
  6.    Disputes involving benefits, overtime and wages
  7.    Workers’ compensation
  8.    Long term disability claims
  9.    Claims involving employment insurance

Why us?

The reason is simple. As we genuinely care about you, we take the burden of your fight against the establishment. Not only are we determined to help you succeed but we are also sensitive to the struggles that the employees face. We understand the impact that such situations have on our lives and families, as our lawyers have faced such experiences at the hand of the employers in the past. Our sensitivity to the issue forbids us from taking a wait and watch approach. Instead, we use innovative out of the box ideas to produce tangible results. It is our aim to right the wrongs that you have faced at the hands of your employer.

How to go about the dispute?

It is important that you share all the facts with us. This would help us to analyze your case thoroughly and share with you a set of possible outcomes. These facts would help you to make an informed decision. In such situations, it is crucial to make calculated decisions so that you get what you truly deserve. We believe in moving hand in hand with our clients and providing them with our very best.