What Are the Consequences of Outrageous Lawsuits?

18/09/2018 Off By Eden

What Are the Consequences of Outrageous Lawsuits?

While the law is constantly strengthening itself to offer the best justice system to civilians, there’s are also gaps that people tend to take advantage of without thinking about consequences or what they’re actually asking. A frivolous lawsuit is a common tool that people use to either intimidate or harass someone else. Such lawsuits have no legal merit and can end up being time consuming and messy, with the defendant having to battle messy paperwork and unsubstantiated claims.

Such lawsuits should not be confused with regular lawsuits that simply lost due to other reasons that are not related to a lack of legal merit. Thousands of outrageous lawsuits are filled every year, and most are thrown out of court, but not all of them are categorized as absurd and they could even get to court and win.

There are cases that might seem outrages but have actually won in court. In Brazil, McDonalds had to pay $18,000 to a former employee because, according to him, he was forced to sample food every day and as a result he gained 29kg in 12 years. Another such case is when a customer sued the company Red Bull for false advertising, claiming that even after drinking the product for 10 years he did not grow wings and the drink did not enhance his intellectual or athletic performance. The outrageous lawsuit ended with a $13 million settlement. Another crazy but amusing lawsuit is when a man sued over a flat beer and won. In order to file the case, he spent $6, $14 In order to save the papers. He spent $20 and sued for 75 cents, and ultimately the judge ruled in his favor.

The list of absurd cases also includes Pearson v. Chung, with the Washington D.C. judge, Roy Pearson suing for $67 million a dry-cleaning business that allegedly lost a pair of his pants. The cleaners refused to refund him the money after losing his pants, so he decided to sue. In this case however, the court ruled against Pearson, and his judgeship was not renewed afterwards, in part due to this case, as it demonstrates a lack of judicial temperament.

While they appear absurd, the lawsuits still have consequences. Even if it might seem like they have no legal merit, they can still be stressful, as the defendant has to respond to it, and seek legal advice, which requires time and energy. In addition, it can result in financial losses. If the case is not thrown out right away, the targeted party might have to hire a lawyer and be absent from work in order to deal with the issue, which will result in losing money. It can be damaging to those who are filing ridiculous lawsuits as well, as the targeted party could seek damages. If they are found to be harassing a person by abusing the system the filler and the lawyer can end up paying damages of thousands of dollars, to either the defendant or the government.