What to do after a boat accident?

18/07/2019 Off By Eden

Ontario’s lakes and rivers provide an amazing experience to boat lovers. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see these lakes and rivers full of sailboats and powerboats in the season. But, this can prove to be fatal in case if you met with a boat accident. Consult boating accident lawyers and take the following these tips to claim for compensation:

  1. Check who needs medical attention: The priority after boat accident is to check if anyone on the boat including you, needs medical attention immediately. If yes, then ask for help or emergency medical assistance. In case, if anyone is involved in the accident, it is essential that medical care should be given either at the scene of the accident or immediately afterward even if symptoms are not evident.
  2. Get back into the boat if it is not sinking: An accident can throw you out of the boat into the water. Unless the boat is sinking, it is best to get back into the boat. Help others also, as some people may not know swimming. Once everybody is back on the boat, take the boat at the safe point.
  3. Call the Coast Guard: Call the coast guard and inform them about the exact location of the accident. Inform the coast guard, if anyone is injured so that coast guard can send the medical assistance. Don’t change the location of your boat once you have notified the coast guard. They have to prepare the report of the accident and may ask several questions. This report is very important for you to claim for compensation.
  4. Exchange Information: You should exchange the insurance, hospital and your contact information with other boaters. This will help you in the future to get in touch with other witnesses when you claim your insurance. Never try to speculate about who was responsible for the accident.
  5. Take photographs at the scene of the accident: In case, if you are not seriously injured, then try to take maximum photographs of the accident scene. Take the photograph of the boat, surroundings, injured passengers, damaged vessels if any, empty beer bottles, damaged safety gear, etc. All these photographs act as strong evidence against your claim.

6.    Hire a lawyer: After seeking medical attention, the next to do priority is hiring experienced boat accident lawyers. Remember, all the personal injury lawyers are not the same and boat accident cases are very different from other personal injury cases. An experienced boat lawyer has complete knowledge about the type of investigation, that is required and can handle your claim from the at fault’s party insurance company. This way you can focus on your injuries and will get the right and deserved compensation.